So, two days ago, I bought a signed copy of the New Gold Dream tour programme off eBay for £40.00! (Yes, I know!) I didn’t even really WANT a *signed* copy (though knowing Jim, Charlie and Derek have touched it feels a bit nice), I just wanted *a* copy.

I’ve been waiting MONTHS for one to surface, so when this copy appeared on eBay, I *had* to buy it! Thankfully no one else placed a bid and I got it for the listed price of £40.00 (if I’d have had to pay any more, I’d have died!).

Pretty much the sole reason for my purchase was for a clean copy of this photo. I first saw it as a still on a collage of photos on a YouTube clip (the David “Kid” Jensen radio session of Hunter and the Hunted, if memory serves). I then *trawled* Google image search for a clean copy. There are only a couple of examples of it about…and they are all quite small, and badly scanned.

So, anyway…long story short. I paid £40.00 for a clean copy of this photo in a tour programme. I will try and get an even cleaner copy up soon, but for now, this is better than what’s been up on the web previously.

From L to R: Jim Kerr, Michael MacNeil, Charlie Burchill, Derek Forbes.

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