Close Up Pics…

A pro scan of the “Brucey Bonus” pic and lovely variation of that 1940s film star pic. He’s actually standing closer to them in this one…like he’s actually part of the band or something! Lol. Loving those crossed arms. Charlie’s pose is unreal! Lol. I love it! And those braces! I love the pics from this photoshoot – they look awesome!

Members of Simple Minds before SM – as part of Johnny And The Self Abusers.

Charlie Burchill with his arms folded back-left. Jim Kerr next to him, second in from left at the back, and Brian McGee, bottom-right.

My beautiful baby bhoys! Jim looks so goddamn cute (if a little “vacant” – but I assume that was his “punk face”).


More photos of Simple Minds performing at the Werchter Festival, 1983.

Colour photoset of Simple Minds performing at Werchter Festival in 1983.

Fun in the park with the autumn leaves. Photos taken at Tavistock Square in London by the Gandhi statue. Think they date from 1980.

That last photo of Jim as absolutely beautiful! Well, Jim is beautiful. Any photos of him with tousled hair just makes me melt!


Baby Jim and baby Charlie! Aaww! So young. So innocent! (although I bet even ALL those years ago, they weren’t THAT innocent! Lol) I think these are circa 1979.

Let’s give them a pretend pinch on the cheek (and then maybe a quick snog!). Lol.