JK Menswear

Jim Kerr and Derek Forbes, circa 1982.

I always think Jim looks very “menswear catalogue” in this photo – COOL MENSWEAR – like a GQ magazine shoot or some such. When he wore cool clothes (thankfully, he’s *mostly* wearing cool clothes again!).

Derek, on the other hand, looks a bit “WTF? I ain’t even ready, ken!” Lol

Derek Forbes and Charlie Burchill panini stickers, circa 1984.

The bhoys on the set of Australian music programme Countdown. The expression on Jim’s face sums up how he felt about the whole day, I think. I don’t think he was in the mood AT ALL.

from L to R: Mike Ogletree, Charlie Burchill, Derek Forbes, Michael MacNeil, Jim Kerr

So, two days ago, I bought a signed copy of the New Gold Dream tour programme off eBay for £40.00! (Yes, I know!) I didn’t even really WANT a *signed* copy (though knowing Jim, Charlie and Derek have touched it feels a bit nice), I just wanted *a* copy.

I’ve been waiting MONTHS for one to surface, so when this copy appeared on eBay, I *had* to buy it! Thankfully no one else placed a bid and I got it for the listed price of £40.00 (if I’d have had to pay any more, I’d have died!).

Pretty much the sole reason for my purchase was for a clean copy of this photo. I first saw it as a still on a collage of photos on a YouTube clip (the David “Kid” Jensen radio session of Hunter and the Hunted, if memory serves). I then *trawled* Google image search for a clean copy. There are only a couple of examples of it about…and they are all quite small, and badly scanned.

So, anyway…long story short. I paid £40.00 for a clean copy of this photo in a tour programme. I will try and get an even cleaner copy up soon, but for now, this is better than what’s been up on the web previously.

From L to R: Jim Kerr, Michael MacNeil, Charlie Burchill, Derek Forbes.