Made It – It Was….

So far…. Great and personally cringing. All that I imagined…

Here are the boys.

Gig is still to come.

Update: It felt like Aix-les-Bains in the end. I cried at Hunter And The Hunted, and at Someone Somewhere In Summertime… and wished I was somewhere else. And wished I was happy…

They were magnificent as always and… I pinned my hopes on too much.

4 thoughts on “Made It – It Was….

  1. How was the crowd? Been to a few gigs in Aberdeen and they’ve always been a bit ‘subdued’, especially larger venues. Ive got a ticket for tonight btw but cant flipping go now.

    • They were quite subdued, I guess. The standing area seemed lively. The security were being quite heavy with people standing up and stuff. There was a bit of a thing kicking off near where I was sitting but it all ended up okay.
      Why can’t you go tonight? That’s a bit of a bummer. 😔

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