Favourite Live Song?

Somebody on one of the SM groups asked what song is one you think is superior live to the studio recording – or something like that…

I generally love both versions of the majority of songs, but for quite some time now – and I have to prefix this by saying that there is NOTHING wrong with the studio version of it – but for me, the one song that is BETTER live…ALWAYS better live (than opposed to the studio version) is Celebrate. I will almost always pick a live version to listen to over the album version, or even the 12 inch version.

And nearly always this version (see below)…though there are plenty of other live versions I love too. But this….OMG…it is so, so, sssoooooooo SEXY!

If I had a TARDIS and the gallus, I would rip Jim to shreds here! OMG! He would not know what’s hit him! Lol. Jesus, I wish!

Anyway…there was no real contest with that, eh?

I needed a pick-me-up (the old “Tiramisu”) because after going on about how much I am loving the study of Mozart and classical music this week, I fell flat on my arse trying to learn about melody. I don’t know what it is…I just don’t get it!

Everything else was going great in my task to decipher elements in the music, until I got to the melody bit – big fail! One day…ONE DAY, I’ll understand what it is properly and be able to detect it properly.

Until such time, I am going to watch Jim clad head to toe in leather and sing the words “act of love” like a growling panther and drool and possibly get a little … moist (eeww! I know! That was a truly disgusting overshare! I cannae help it. I am a hormonal, menopausal woman who hasn’t had sex in as many years as Good News From The Next World has been available…so yeah)

And on that note…

4 thoughts on “Favourite Live Song?

  1. haha you have sex on the brain,woman. I listened to SSiS 4 times last night i,in a row Bloody love that version. I love the way it just fades out over the last 90 seconds or so as well.

  2. Controversial maybe BUT I have always preferred the version of Someone ,somewhere in summertime from Live in The City of Light to the original NGD track. Why? Ive never thought about ‘why’ but your blog inspires me to try and articulate it . First up I love the addition of the violin and the more loose feeling of this version. What really does it for me though is that feeling of warm European summers where it’s still very hot late into the evening .
    I always imagined the song being played in the venue photographed in the album sleeve ( Switzerland?) and that feeling of wet heat just added to what I always thought was the song’s subject matter, ie holiday romance. The LiTCoL version ,mood wise, also sounds more melancholy and reflective
    Apologies if that sounds like a pile of shite but that’s my thoughts. 🙂

    • It doesn’t! Lol. And I understand what you mean entirely.
      I think I’ve expressed my feelings about LiTCoL in the past but SSIS on that album is quite special. And … that yearning bit Jim puts in … that “staaaaaaay with me” – I can’t say any more than that.
      I have to be in the right mood for that version though.
      Look at us?! You pick the melancholic, reflective love song and I pick the one that I associate with sex. 😂😂😂😂😂

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