It’s Better To Internalise

Because then the only person that gets hurt is me. Even this explanation now – it’s an externalisation of another externalisation that should not have happened.

Trying to be cryptic and such. Trying to be heard by…

It really doesn’t matter. Or more…it SHOULDN’T matter!

I make mistakes. Boy, do I make mistakes. And I sat there last night and I thought about it and I sat and I stewed and I felt so low.

And so I need to stop externalising.

I’m sorry.

It’s all good.

I get it.

One thought on “It’s Better To Internalise

  1. Hey Girl, we are allowed to make mistakes. That is how we learn and grow. I am still trying to learn how to send an e-mail, and sometimes that does not go that way. Or people just wont get it and let then go, if it is meant to happen it will in its time. Something else is at work here so carry on and enjoy your world please….

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