The Tube – THE WHOLE EPISODE! November, 1982.

OMG! THIS IS SSOOO AWESOME TO SEE THE WHOLE EPISODE OF THE TUBE – OF THEM ON IT IN 1982. Oh, how I can dream to be sitting in front of the telly that night just…in awe of Jim. Needing a bucket in front of me to collect the drool! Dear God! What a gem!

Thank you to whoever uploaded this to YouTube. Happy, happy, Prip!

Lots of Glasgow based things about the music scene on it too. And Billy Sloan is on it as well!

Just awesome!

3 thoughts on “The Tube – THE WHOLE EPISODE! November, 1982.

  1. Last week I was walking by the church Jools visits in this show and was wondering about the history – who knew??!! Thanks for sharing!

    • I still haven’t watched the whole thing yet. I was just so excited by it being up on YT I wanted to post about it. But today I will make sure that I watch the whole show.

      • I’m on a mission to learn more about that period in Scottish music! I used to watch The Tube, probably only from 1985-ish onwards. But I always loved the Glasgow bands ❤️

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