Rather Reptilian

Today at St albans market I spied this! (See pic below) And well…how could I resist getting it? Actually, there were TWO of them, and I dithered over which one to get (the other had more colourful facets to it – but I was worried it might clash with some clothing)

Of course, it instantly made me think of something…


Not as in the Aussie greeting, but as in “Gee Day”…the day for me to travel up to Glasgow once again. I set out in a few hours and arrive at Glasgow Central station at 5.01pm. First port of call will be the Jury’s Inn on Jamaica Street…then a quick call to the HMV in Argyle Street before it closes…familiarise myself with the place before next fortnight 🙂

After that…up to Renfield Street/Hope Street for food and culture. The Flying Duck for a vegan bite and the Theatre Royal for Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler. Then…back to the hotel for a good rest and hopefully a peaceful night’s sleep.

What follows…I cannot say…

But what follows in this post is a LOVELY cleaned up copy of SM “performing” (miming) SSIS on Belgian TV. I had previously only seen the very crappiest of copies of this (and not a full version of it, either). Now, Jim is there in full awkward glory! He don’t half look self-conscious! Lol.

Getting Simple Minds to mime is an OUTRAGE! Oh, but the visuals are GLORIOUS! Mr. Kerr, you are far too beautiful…even in your self-conscious, awkward gloriousness! I adore you ❤️