Today I Have Been Mostly…

OD-ing on this sweaty, snake-hipped absolute sex god adonis. Gorgeousness of Glasgow.

I just…need him today. You make it go away, and you make it worse all at the same time.

I adore you, and I don’t care if you think me a lunatic. Well, I do. And you no doubt do.

So be it. (SM start in the clip around 5min 40sec)


Conquering Fears…

A little thing…

Wednesday night’s trip to London to see Thumpasaurus? The easiest way there to the venue was to get the train in to St Pancras and then get to Oxford Circus from there. Since 2006, I can count on one hand the number of times I have taken the Tube.

I have avoided it like the plague for all these years.

Back in June, having gone to the wrong part of London entirely for a Warm Digits gig…I still ended up taking a bus to the venue, having just travelled the Tube to get to, what was, the wrong location. I couldn’t face going back on.

On Wednesday night things started to feel different. I initially avoided the escalators…but once in the Underground section of Kings Cross station, escalators are hard to avoid.

They still gave me that sense of foreboding, but I mastered every ride.

By the end of the night, I even had a little dance on one! I think I can safely say that although my fear is still there, it has been subdued and conquered!


London is now properly open to me once more. No more looking at Google maps checking A to B, walking distances…bus routes, etc, etc.

Minds Music Monday – The Tube, December, 1983

Just over 12 months from their previous appearance on The Tube, Simple Minds return. It’s not the best quality footage…but it expresses the dynamism of the band.

My favourite part is when Jim’s mic is obviously starting to give him problems. Instead of stopping proceedings like a lot of other performers would, he just throws his mic to the floor, grabs Derek’s from the stand and carries on. Good on ya, boy! 🙂

One Day To Go – NGD Box Set!

Although I see at least one fan has received his box set already today, official release date is tomorrow. So, here is their performace on The Tube as a final countdown celebration.

Jim Kerr – you are a beautiful, stunning man! Thank you for your sweaty, shimmering, gloriously rippled bare chest! *swoons*

Kerrsday Thursday’s Child – Belts!

Happy Kerrsday Thursday everyone! This week’s theme is…belts!

Circumstances being as they are this week, the time I would usually have to compile my list of pics, gifs, etc somewhat eluded me. So, while I am still compiling…please enjoy Jim, (and the rest of Simple Minds) wearing a belt in his lovely unorthodox fashion!

There will also be the inclusion this week, in homage to our beloved David, of Bowie in belts too. This week’s Kerrsday Thursday will be thus named “Kerrsday Thursday’s Child” (in reference to the DB song).