Rare Kerr Photos Are Like Buses

Yesterday four arrived and then today, another four! The first one is another from the photoshoot at the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm, and the next is one from the day before the gig, taken on June 8th, 1989. So I kind of now have a complete set of photos of the Street Fighting Years gig for Stockholm.

The next is by a photographer called Ronald Siemoneit. There’s no date on the back, but I would guess by Jim’s hair and what he’s wearing, esp. the belt he has on, that it was taken in 1983. The photographer was based in Berlin, so I would also assume it to have been taken at a German gig, most likely in Berlin. They played Berlin on March 24th, 1983 and Jim is wearing that same white t-shirt with the rolled-up sleeves and that big belt.

Lastly, another Michael Hohmann one from the same gig as the previous two of his that I got. Again, no date or venue but I would say they are from 1980. And most likely either of the support slots they had for Peter Gabriel in Berlin – one on September 4th at the Deutschelandhalle, the other on September 19th at Stadion. Looks more likely to be the former as it’s a smaller venue and indoors.

There’s a possibility it could be Kant Kino but Jim looks more like how he appeared in the latter part of 1980 in the photos. The photos (in the Michael Hohmann set) are definitely no later than 1980 anyway.

Beyond the immediate enjoyment of ogling Jim, I love the history that’s attached to them. I absolutely treasure these things. I love this aspect of collecting memorabilia.

I also did get a copy of Next Big Thing, which I will discuss in a separate and relevant post.

3 thoughts on “Rare Kerr Photos Are Like Buses

  1. Man, u are lucky to have so much content on SM, a band hard to find info on. Unless its from the early 80’s in which they are praised. Or the mid 80’s when they were called “U3”, which is an insult as if one should apologize for being a success! Or the post-SFY album when they were labeled “irrelevant”. I’m 48, in the States and fear I will never see them live. My bucket list is to have like a two hour (or more, if he wants lol) conversation, face to face with Jim. He wrote the soundtrack of my life! Of course being in the States, DYFAM was my first exposure. Then I found OUAT, wow! But I noticed every time I’d go to the mall I’d find another album! I worked my way all the way back to Life In A Day! And to my surprise NONE of these albums sounded alike! It’s like there was a different band on each album. And don’t get me started on the stuff I found online once the internet became a “thing”. Especially bootlegs, unofficial remixes and the BEST of all, the John Peel sessions! Didn’t mean to write a book, but I love SM, lol

    • Geez! You and me BOTH on the “two hour conversation” front with Jim. I’d LOOOOOOVE to talk to him for more than just a few fleeting minutes in which I am spending most of it tongue-tiad to buggery because he just turns me to mush! Lol
      From what I remember seeing recently, they had every intention to return to the USA in 2020/21 but then the pandemic put rest to even getting the tour arranged. But I’m sure they’ll be back as soon as it is safe to do so and the schedule allows. Hopefully you won’t be waiting too long.
      And never apologise for writing what you feel! It’s never too much. It’s great sharing the enthusiasm. 👍🏻😊👏🏻❤️

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