And These!

Had never seen these, either. I like certain aspects of his look during the Good News From Next World period.

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Possibly 1000?

You know when I do these “shrine art” pieces, I sometimes add a random number to the post because I really have no idea how many of these I’ve done.

Come September, I’d have been making these (not to this level of quality, mind!) for five years. And given for quite a bit of those five years, I have been creating new pieces daily – then it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that we are fast approaching, or may have indeed SURPASSED, 1000 of these art pieces.

Anyway, here is the latest one.

Rather Reptilian

Today at St albans market I spied this! (See pic below) And well…how could I resist getting it? Actually, there were TWO of them, and I dithered over which one to get (the other had more colourful facets to it – but I was worried it might clash with some clothing)

Of course, it instantly made me think of something…

Official Promo Photo

Not sure who the photographer is. Went to check my copy of Classic Pop (Dec/Jan 17 issue) as it seemed the work of the same photographer whose main image was used in that as well…but they get no credit. They should get a name check, whoever they are.

This photo is lovely. I had to share.


I have wanted this poster for SSOOO SO long! But it has been going for silly prices on eBay…UNTIL NOW! GOT IT!!! GET IN!!! Now…if I could just get Jim to sign it…that would be awesome! 🙂 But I am being greedy…