Jim Kerr: The Laird – Magazine Interview – 1987 (Publication and exact date unknown)

I’m guessing by the description Adam Sweeting gives of the weather “a summery day” and the talk of Live In The City Of Light having just been released (LitCoL released in May), it must be around June of 1987.

I thought seeing as I’ve been to South Queensferry a few times over the past 12 months, I might as well get the damn article and share it here.

Flirty Kerr With Collett

I’ve been meaning to share this here. Someone posted it on the SMOG FB page and…well, look at the photo. Jesus, he’s such a flirt! God, I’d give anything!

You beautiful man, Mr Kerr. I wish I didn’t adore you so much.

I love the story behind the crane. I never even thought about it being that – that he bought it for that reason. That’s frigging adorable!

It’s these things! These kind of actions! It’s not just the aesthetic of him. It’s all of it. His words. How he sees the world. How he relates to things. How things impact upon him. All of that. All of that makes me love him.

Not just him being a singer and lyricist in a band. That’s almost irrelevant – it’s only relevant in terms of making him known to me. It’s the person he is – the character. He’s beauty personified.

Jim Kerr, you are just the most beautiful thing to me and you bring me to tears.

You can read the full post about the time NZ music journalist, Helen Collett, met up with the Minds (and the resulting Kerr/Collett flirtathon) by clicking HERE

Rare Kerr Photos Are Like Buses

Yesterday four arrived and then today, another four! The first one is another from the photoshoot at the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm, and the next is one from the day before the gig, taken on June 8th, 1989. So I kind of now have a complete set of photos of the Street Fighting Years gig for Stockholm.

The next is by a photographer called Ronald Siemoneit. There’s no date on the back, but I would guess by Jim’s hair and what he’s wearing, esp. the belt he has on, that it was taken in 1983. The photographer was based in Berlin, so I would also assume it to have been taken at a German gig, most likely in Berlin. They played Berlin on March 24th, 1983 and Jim is wearing that same white t-shirt with the rolled-up sleeves and that big belt.

Lastly, another Michael Hohmann one from the same gig as the previous two of his that I got. Again, no date or venue but I would say they are from 1980. And most likely either of the support slots they had for Peter Gabriel in Berlin – one on September 4th at the Deutschelandhalle, the other on September 19th at Stadion. Looks more likely to be the former as it’s a smaller venue and indoors.

There’s a possibility it could be Kant Kino but Jim looks more like how he appeared in the latter part of 1980 in the photos. The photos (in the Michael Hohmann set) are definitely no later than 1980 anyway.

Beyond the immediate enjoyment of ogling Jim, I love the history that’s attached to them. I absolutely treasure these things. I love this aspect of collecting memorabilia.

I also did get a copy of Next Big Thing, which I will discuss in a separate and relevant post.

The Sensitive Fan And The Sarcastic Diva

Oh, I wasn’t going to comment on this. I really wasn’t! I can see all arguments…all sides.

A fan from America made a comment about why Minds always seem to stick to touring Europe and never seem to get stateside.
Jim made a rather flippant (and possibly tactless) reply about there being aeroplanes available.
It’s a two-way street!

Jim always seems to have had this attitude of “if you love us, you’ll commit” but perhaps if he used more tact sometimes, fans would WANT to keep committing? Fans will continue to commit if they feel appreciated.

I know from personal experience. You want the love you feel reciprocated. It can take the smallest of acts! For me, just him liking a comment I’ve made, or replying to me…even if it *is* bitchy, sarcastic…or on the very rare occasion downright spiteful and tetchy (okay, maybe not then…but I still prefer a response than to being ignored…and I have had a kind of roundabout apology from him in the past…and he REALLY DOESN’T DO APOLOGIES!)…he *can* be caught at a bad time…he has his off moments, just like the rest of us. We think he’s a god (he sometimes thinks he’s a god!) but he’s just a bloke. A damn talented one, granted, but a bloke nontheless, with all the foibles and faults we all have (If I look at myself, I have plenty – selfishness being my worst and ugliest!).

I get a little pissed that there are the fans of 30+ years and those who have been to multiple gigs that get seemingly “preferential” treatment. I mean…we all have to start SOMEWHERE! But, I suppose it is rightly so they do. 

I’m still less than three years into mega fandom…and I have only been to three gigs so far, but I have found other ways to show my love, passion and enthusiasm for this band. And it HAS been appreciated…and the “love” gets reciprocated…probably not to the degree I want…particularly not so much now…but I am one of MANY fans clamouring for attention…and they (in turn) are MY ONE BAND. 

For better or worse, Jim has a pretty good idea of who I am now…and probably actually gets quite exasperated when he sees me responding to comments, posting on their visitor wall, etc, but he rarely shows it. I know I make a pest of myself…and I am endlessly apologising for it!

So…yes! ALL fans…no matter how “fair weather” they may seem want to feel appreciated. We invest our time and money in these bands….a little reciprocation, no matter how (seemingly) unwarranted makes us feel good. 

Of course, in the days before the Internet, our feelings and views as fans would hardly have been heard. And certainly reply correspondence would have been VERY rare. It is only really with the take off of social media, particularly within the past 10 years have we been able to “reach out and touch the stars”.

The fan could have worded his comment better. Jim could have been more tactful in his reply. A bit less sarcastic. His humour doesn’t always come across…esp. to those fans not used to it, or those with which English is not their first language. Things can be taken very much at face value. 

Music is such an emotive thing. And such a joyous thing. Our love of music is one thing that unites us as humans. It’s one of our genuine universal languages.

If we can’t love each other…can we just agree to love the music and respect each other while doing so?

“We all have our problems
Some big, some are small”
– Prince, The Cross

From Ibiza To The Norfolk Broads

After seeing one of…if not…THE most beautiful gigs I’ve ever experienced…the beautiful musical theme continued tonight by seeing “From Ibiza To The Norfolk Broads” at the Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead.

It’s a single actor play – written and directed by Adrian Berry, with Alex Walton playing the play’s main character, Martin (a young Bowie fan obsessive with “deemed” social, physiological and mental health issues), as will as several other characters. 

What an amazing actor. A stunning performance! The whole work was beautiful, tender, heart-breaking but mesmerising. 

Reeling from the loss of Chrissy last night, I had almost entirely forgot about it. My memory only jogged after having had a nap this afternoon and my thinking of the purchase of Holy Holy tickets for Aylesbury in April. 

I really wasn’t feeling up to it, but I thought I would mention it to the OH. She seemed keen to go…so off we went. Absolutely no regrets whatsoever! In fact I’d love to see it again as it tours around the UK until February.

You can find out more about it at: fromibiza.net 
I highly recommend it.