In Trance As Mission – Cover By Darren Granger

I might be in the minority here (well, not on my blog, I guess – majority of one – but maybe any of you guys that visit here might not be in agreement) but I really like this.

There’s a kind of softness to it that I like, and he’s done a fab video for it. It’s a braw wee cover. Top marks, Darren 👍🏻😊

The only mark against I’d give is for him getting my favourite line of the song wrong. He sang “can’t see the road for the trees” but it is actually “can’t see the road for the tears” which is just one of the most beautiful lines Jim has ever written and it always makes me think of this interview I read when he was talking about writing the song and looking out of the tour bus window and I remember him saying something like “I can’t see the road for the tears, Charlie”. I think it might have been when some crew members had a road accident in Canada? Not sure. But…it was just a beautiful, emotional thing to read.

Jim can seem the softest, sweetest man sometimes. The reason I adore him so much. I can’t help it. I see so much beauty in him. It’s never just the aesthetic. It’s the heart and soul too.

Anyway! Back to Darren’s braw cover.

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