No News Isn’t Always Good News…

Ah…you know what I was saying in my video(s) yesterday about being mildly gutted if my fan bit is not in the book…well…

Seemingly those who are in it have been receiving emails about it being confirmed that YES – they ARE in the book and that they can see their piece in the book before committing to buying it.

No such email has arrived in my Inbox as yet. I have a sinking feeling!

On top of that, there was something else I had been anticipating happening that didn’t eventuate either.

Today I feel very dejected AND rejected! I don’t need this two days before my birthday! I feel like I’m being kicked while I’m down!

And this was the main reason I grappled about even submitting anything because I KNEW that if I did and my bit didn’t get to be in the book – I’d be gutted. Better to have not bothered was my reckoning. I couldn’t be disappointed about it then. Save myself the heartache.

Silly, I know, but it was the reason behind not putting something in in the first place. Just all those things… I’ve had my five minutes, Jim’s sick to the eye teeth of me, the fans wish I would fuck off and die, I have no idea what to write about, I’m a johnny-come-lately with no real story to tell.

ANYWAY! You just have to keep on keeping on. You just have to keep holding your head up high and just…push on.


I was too good for the book! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

As if.

Perhaps my email just hasn’t arrived yet? Lol. Yeah…

I know. It is what it is. Never mind. I’ll have all the rest of the lovely thing to enjoy. Signed photos. A lanyard that I should have got at Copenhagen on the soundcheck that couldn’t happen! Or at the meet and greets that didn’t take place. An old poster. The certificate of authenticity! Ticket stubs. The fridge magnet! The badge stickers. I wish one of those badge stickers had been the screenshot of Jim on Top Of The Pops in the white jaiket when they were on doing Promised You A Miracle. Lol – I’ve got to take all the small, petty things that make me happy!


9 thoughts on “No News Isn’t Always Good News…

  1. General thinking seems to be that only those contributors who did not yet place a pre-order for the book have been sent an email… as a reminder to order pronto, so to speak.

    So could it be that you already pre-ordered your copy, and thus do not ‘need’ that nudge to go & buy?

    In any case, you can always still email Richard Houghton & ask for your preview:

    • I did contact him at the start of November. I do have a little bitty bit in it. I’d have been disheartened had I not, but I’d have gotten over it. Eventually.

  2. When I saw the idea about the book I considered sending my ‘best ‘ SM memory but I decided it would be utterly inane for someone else to read but for me I still consider it a wonderful memory.

    • Maybe that’s how they saw mine? (Too inane to share?) Lol. I don’t know. Yours is not inane, Scott!
      And thanks. Hey, if it doesn’t make it in, it just wasn’t meant to be. And it’s okay. And I’ll live. Lol
      I had this most lovely dream of Jim this morning – speaking of “inane”. I’m sure it seems like I’d the this raging explicit dream of him seeing as I go on about him like I do, but no! We were just spending time together. He was showing me around this school that the band help fund to keep it open as a school. Just showing me the work that needs doing to it, how their funding helps and how happy it made him to help the kids out. He was just being kind and lovely and I was enjoying being in his company. It was so lovely and then the alarm went off and I woke up! Damn! Lol

      • Maybe it was the school bell that went off? When you mentioned about work being done to the school I thought you were going to say that Jim was a builder in the dream and was knocking fuck out of a wall with a sledgehammer. Meanwhile plasterers Charlie and Derek are skimming a wall and on their 8th cup of tea.Brian’s wiring up an alarm system whilst Mick is fast asleep in the van, having been on the cans last night.

        • If Jim had been knocking the fuck out of a wall – I’d want to be the wall! 😂😂😂😂😂
          Sorry, Scott. Lol. That asked for that!
          And there I was saying my dream was all innocent and lovely. I had to go and soil it. Lol
          Well…he said he was an apprentice plumber for a time – and worked on construction sites, so I guess he’d have been laying (his) pipe/s down. Lol.
          Oh…STOP IT!
          I’m going to shut up now!
          Thanks for giving me a giggle though.
          Mick on cans? Nah. He’s too classy. He’d have been on neat whisky. And then would be up before the rest of them and doing all the hardest jobs. Dan would be the one kipping in the van. Lol “Dan in the van.”

  3. Your contribution is as important as anyone’s. Demonstrates how you can get into their music at any stage of your life. Jeez , I’m praying your submission gets published , Larelle, but if it doesn’t it’s no big deal really . Youve still got your own memories and there will be stuff in the future to look forward to . 👍

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