Six Years

He’s been six years gone and I miss him more and more every day. The photo is from my nephew Shane’s wedding in 2011 (yep – I have a niece that’s going to be 40 next year – just to make me feel old!).

He always seemed to just give an air of “gallus”, my brother. He was ice cool. Much cooler than I could ever be. And the person I always looked up to. I used to feel like…if he loved me, then everything was okay. If I didn’t disappoint him, I was doing something good.

I wish I could hear him calling me Ted or Punk one last time. I hated it back then, and he knew it…the bastard! Lol. But, oh god I miss the ribbing and…just him.

I love you, David. I wish you’d have let me come home just to see you one last time.

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