The Future’s Uncertain…

This whole sad affair has been on my mind today. I can’t help but feel sometimes it was a detrimental change. A big blot on an otherwise beautiful landscape…

Priptona's Simple Minds Space


In the past three weeks, the feelings and emotions I derived from the band I love(d) have changed…dramatically.

I’m not sure how I am going to continue this blog and be truly objective, for one! And, it probably stopped being objective on January 5th, 2016…the day of the Hunter And The Hunted post.

I need to try to explain the emotional pull Simple Minds music had on me…before the whole Jim thing started. I suppose my discovery of them was such an “epiphany” moment. And given it’s true, biblical meaning…the irony of telling Jim he is NOT a messiah is not lost on me! But it really was the music that gave me that feeling. I found that early body of work felt like buried treasure. It was dark, moody, industrial, political (without many fans detecting it…probably without Jim even detecting it, or admitting to it…lyrically), dance. Such a European…

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