Do A Stephen Hawking…Step Off The Planet

When I am at my lowest ebb. When I am consumed by my darkest days. When I struggle to keep faith in humanity. When I question what we are here for…if we have a purpose, other than to breed contempt and destroy the beauty of the earth with our greed and negligence…

It never is the hopeful words. The like minds, the good souls. The hope. The best. The good of humanity (for I need to keep reminding myself endlessly…there IS good. There IS still beauty – despite it dying and disappearing EVERY DAY. There ARE beautiful people).

It’s not the healing words that resonate most…it is words like this (see below). They stay with me. And I ponder whether it is the right thing to do? Whether I would be best to “shuffle off”…

I was going to keep this person’s name visible. Name them. Give them a voice. But their words are voice enough. How many times your words are there in my head. Be proud, that as a reputed psychotherapist, you actually recommended this to a person you barely know. Someone you felt mildly annoyed at, yet you said something so scathing to them that there are days they truly contemplate it. You do your occupation proud.

2 thoughts on “Do A Stephen Hawking…Step Off The Planet

  1. Never listen to this. There are so many keyboard warriors who just spit bile across cyberspace. Perhaps their own lives are incredibly miserable I don’t know. But it says a lot more about them than it does about you my darling friend.

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