Minds Music Monday – Springsteen On Broadway


Yes, I know! “What does THIS have to do with Simple Minds?” I hear you ask. Well, let’s just say that, for one, Jim and Charlie are big fans…that could be enough, right? There’s the “Minds” part of it taken care of. “Music Monday”? Well, there’s music involved and I listened to it just this morning, the wee hours of Monday morning.

The thing is, I just had such a profound expereince listening to this album this morning, that I just had to write about it and share it. And it was on Jim’s recommendation after all, compounded by Billy Sloan playing a couple of tracks from it on his radio show on Saturday night.

I am here to tell you to give it a listen. A PROPER listen! Spare yourself the two and a half hours of undivided attention it will take you to listen to it. Find a nice quiet space (mine was snuggled up in bed in the early hours of this morning). A place where you won’t be distrubed from listening to it. Where you won’t suffer distractions…because you WILL be mesmerised. You’ll be enthralled. Find yourself laughing at times, in tears at others. In tears at the end.

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