Radio Bhoy – Show 3

The end of this post…(the reblogged post…click the link below to read it all) – I still have such dreams *sigh*

Priptona's Simple Minds Space

Well, before this week’s show even started, I was theorising what he’d open it with. I thought, “Bowie week one, Velvet Underground week two. This week it HAS to be Roxy?”

Lo and behold! But I was having Internet trouble right up til the final minutes before the show started, so couldn’t put my prediction out there! Lol

I’m putting my prediction in for the final week(!!!) here now…The Doors. We’ve not had a Doors track yet. Will probably be L.A. Woman, but if he picked one of my two faves – Touch Me or Love Me Two Times – I will be made up! Having said that…it could be T-Rex…or Peter Gabriel (Brian Pern) or some early Genesis (Thotch).

Anyway, on to this week’s show. Some felt it wasn’t quite as…dynamic as the first two but for me it was just…different.

He played The Verve. Mercifully it was Lucky…

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