Simple Minds – Grandslam – Colchester Castle Park – Photos

I seem to have missed one. I had 53 to share, but only 52 downloaded. I’ll share the other seperately when I can work out which one that’s missing. When viewing at the blog site, click on the thumbnails to see larger images. Images can be enlarged further by clicking at the bottom right of the page.

2 thoughts on “Simple Minds – Grandslam – Colchester Castle Park – Photos

  1. Hi Larelle, glad the meet and great went well and you got some fab pics! Thanks for sharing your various videos and pics. Are you still trying to put together a pre-gig playlist? If so, I remember these ones from Sunday – White Man in Hammersmith Palais by The Clash, Rise by PIL, On my Radio by The Selector and I think there was a Gary Numan tune, possibly Cars but I’m a bit blurry on that one!

    • Thank you, Caroline 🙂
      It’s wonderful to get people visiting and reading and looking.
      And yes, I am still putting that list together and started a Spotify playlist. Will have to link to it here. I was trying to remember ones I heard myself – but only The Box Tops version of The Letter (sung by a 16 year old Alex Chilton – which I learned when Jim was having a little stint as a DJ, presenting shows in the UK and USA a couple of years back) stuck in my mind – so thank you so much for the others. The help is greatly appreciated! 😁

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