I Miss The Feeling Of…Feeling Good

Today I will try and get some things done on the blog. I have audio to put up. The extract of Joe Donnelly’s interview with Debbie McGee, Jim Kerr’s interview with Janice Long, and all four parts of the history of Scottish pop – the compendium to the Rip It Up exhibition, currently on display at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, until November 25th.

A day for work and distractions – one hopes. Another day of…trying to move on and…make things feel better. Another day in which to think about what’s happened…pondered what went on…what went WRONG…wondering why I ever tried to argue my point, stand my ground, have principles…fought for something I believed in…tried to make my voice and the voice of others heard and cared for.

Where it has ended up, I cannot express how…shattered by it I am. The lesson for me is to…never try to speak my mind. Never try to say anything. To put up and shut up…because the only person who got hurt by this whole “sad affair” was me.

Those who tell you to stand up for what you believe in…to stick by your principles? They obviously have better repair systems than me. Better ways to deal with the fallout when it backfires.

I do admit…I never expected fallout quite like this. I really do feel…all at sea…and I think I have cried the sea I have been set adrift in 😔

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