Saturday Night Gigs

Nothing happening for me this weekend as far as gigs are concerned…but I get the feeling a certain someone MAY just be going to this gig tomorrow night…seeing how much he loves the man and all. And…there’s a little gap in the schedule until the gigs kick off again NEXT weekend (nine days to go until Wentworth!).

He’s performing The Human Menagerie and The Psychomodo, back to back, is Steve. I’m sure Sir will enjoy it immeasurably. Have fun, Sir. Wish I could experience one of these things with you. Call me daft, but I am just as intrigued/tantalised by the notion of watching him watching someone else as I am watching him perform in front of me.

Geez I sound like a right voyeur! Lol

“The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction As Beauty.” (It just made me think of that, and Bowie. Hmmm. May have to listen to Outside tonight!)

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