Kiwi Envy

A fantastic opportunity…but I do wonder whether Liam is any relation to Lily Warring? The little cynic in me says “Yeah, because you just…contact the band and they say ‘yeah, sure’, just like that!” These things NEVER happen!

You’d NEVER get the lead singer (and head diva) of a band doing stuff like that…not with a total stranger. I mean, it would be like, say, I take up art and start doing these pieces and show said singer/diva (or at least kid myself at the time it was the singer/diva seeng them) and he shows an interest in them.


Yes! I freely admit…I am envious (I am almost black the shade of green is that dark)…esp. as if I think back to February, it reminds me of New Zealand and Wall Of Love. All those hopes and dreams got reignited.

But, anyway. This is Liam’s thing. And he won an award for this, so it’s awesome for him. I hope it’ll be the start of something wonderful for him. God knows some of us could do with that kick through the door, initially.

I’ve linked to the clip here, I haven’t even been able to watch it myself, yet. Bloody YouTube and its thing in which it doesn’t add the required elements for a clip to be played back on mobile devices. Pisses me off. Thanks YT!

And you can read more of Liam’s documentary here…

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