Giving Thanks

Yesterday on Simple Minds Official, Jim gave thanks to all those involved that work with and for the band. Past and present. Up front, directly or indriectly. It was lovely to read.

Today, it was the fans. “Super fans” he called us. ALL OF US! Every single fan he deemed a “super fan”. As…we all are. And it was beaituful. Really beautiful to read.

I tend not to share too many posts from SMO here – unless it’s tour information and the like – as you guys (if you are here primarily as Simple Minds fans) know where to find Simple Minds on Facebook and no doubt read Jim’s posts as eagerly as I do. But in case this one escaped your attention, here it is. (See end of the post.)

Of course, for one person, I was not allowed to express a return sense of gratitude, for it was deemed as hypocricy. Because I feel things, I have emotions. I am human. I am not allowed to make mistakes. This person does not seem to be able to read properly, for if they had, they would see that, indeed, Jim said ALL Simple Minds fans are “super fans”…even them.


Jim also shared this YouTube clip with his post. So, I will continue to be me. I will love hard. Emote hard. Have empathy. Feel the things I feel, in spite of one or two people’s attempts to bring me down. I will ALWAYS be “Mice Elf”. Like me or lump me. And if you don’t like me…please, feel free to lump me.


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