Donation Fail…

I wanted to do something really altruistic for my birthday this year, and so I decided to just…be brave and FINALLY become a blood donor. I’d wanted to do it for years, but being needle phobic just…I just couldn’t do it before. But I wanted to change that and do something really wonderful. Being a blood donor is a fabulous thing.

Except I’m not…(see pic)


I have useless veins. The nurse tried the right arm – no good. The left arm was better – so we tried. Took the needle really well…but then…the blood just would not flow 😦

The nurse called a colleague over. They tried until it hurt. And so…I won’t be a donor.

I am SSSOOOO disappointed!

I cried…

The smile is fake because I was so, so gutted.

Guys…if you can do it…PLEASE DO IT! Only 3% of the UK population give blood. I was stunned by that statistic! Appalled.

They need more donors.

I had even fangirled it. Damn…

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