Question Asked – Waits To Be Ignored

Will no doubt, somehow, inadvertently piss him off just for asking…


I’ve been working on a piece tonight (worry not, I won’t be sharing it. Yeah, I finally got you’re bored of them – but I’m not bored of making them) – a reworking of Scar (first attempt was yonks back, amateur, etc…yawn yawn)…and it’s a curious one because of the total reworking of the lyrics, which I would ALSO love to ask about, but hey *shrugs*
My point/enquiry – as I was putting the lyrics into the piece, I couldn’t help but suddenly hear and see similarities with Grace Jones’s (I say it’s hers…she always makes them her own, I think I’ve heard The Normal’s version only once) Warm Leatherette. I was thinking like “hey, this is kinda Warm Leatherette, but more romantic rather than…well…you know…more “fetishistic”. I know Warm Leatherette is based on J.G. Ballard’s Crash (never read it myself…saw bits and pieces of the film that was made)…
So, I’m just wondering…if even subliminally, whether there was any influence upon these things with Scar?
And, well…while I’m here…WHY the lyric change?
**looks doe-eyed hoping for answer**

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