Humanistic – Kawala

Had never heard about this until Sir brought it up in this morning’s post. I see people in the comments referring to it on Discogs, etc. Well…I couldn’t help myself. One vinyl copy from Discogs already purchased this morning…but I looked at eBay too and there is a four track CD single as well! 

I think what Jim linked to must be the “Souled Out Radio Edit”. 

This version is pretty bloody cool too (and seems to sample a different bit of NGD to my ears…but I could be hearing things)…

This one…still chilled…but…possibly goes on two minutes longer than it needs to…no real audible sense of any NGD sampling on this version…

Unless this is incorrectly labelled as “Presence Mix”, this copy isn’t on the CD….but one version on it is called “Nylon Filtered Mix” and that I can’t find on YouTube. We’ll see when I get the disc.

All very interesting though. I love this kind of stuff :-)))

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