March Madness – Time To “Pull Your Head In!”

I’ve been…a bit…”not myself” again of late. This now seems to be a March thing (though last year it extended into April). Things obviously affect me in ways I am…ill equipped for. Perhaps this time it was grief playing its part? The loss of my father-in-law in early February affecting me far more profoundly than I imagined or anticipated? Who knows?

Anyway, long story short (and the irony of how this post has begun). I need to “pull my head in”. Things have just…got…out of hand lately, and I do feel I have not ingratiated myself very kindly in certain circles. If anything…I think I’ve really done some irreparable damage. I hope not. And it still means far more to me than it should (I’m being kind of cryptic, yes…but those who know will know what I mean, what I’m alluding to.)

This is a personal blog – yes! But it is also a Simple Minds blog (and sometimes David Bowie/general music blog). It will retain the warning of “may contain a heavy dose of Jim Kerr” as…he is “head honcho” (frontman) and fulcrum of the band. The emphasis naturally falls to him. But I want it to retain serious content too…and I felt it has been on the slide somewhat of late. Apologies. I’ve been a bad blog host. Sorry.

It will also retain my pursuit of art. It started as a consequence of becoming a Simple Minds fan. One very much followed from the other. I have projects coming up that I would like to share my progress on. Commissions in progress and one major project I will be remaining VERY tight-lipped about and have probably spoken of far too much already! To say I am excited would be an understatement. 

So…it is head-pulling-in time! 

This does not mean there will be NO Jim ogling going on here. That won’t happen! He’s far too beautiful. (Sorry, Jim!) But, it’ll (TRIED to…) be kept “in check”. 

Let’s hope I can get the balance back on track.

Vive la Priptona Weird blog! 

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