Spaceface 12 Inch On Absolutely Records

Awesome! Just awesome!

Loved all three. I’ve loved the Tomcraft Remix since I first heard it on Spotify about 2 or so years ago. 

Today was the first time I’d heard the Hardakt Remix – it’s very different to the Tomcraft Remix – very hard/house style. Really liked it though. Not as much as the Tomcraft Remix still – but really enjoyed aspects of it.

The Farfa Spacemix is fab too. Here is my favourite bit of it…

The Hardakt Remix is TRIPPING!

But…the Tomcraft Remix is still “numero uno”!​​​

And there is the Stonebridge Remix out there too. I love that there are so many mixes of this song. 

This song just makes me ssooo so happy! It just really brings me up and out of myself. 

Thank you Sean Kelly and Jim for such a gift!

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