Art Supplies

I got SSOOO much stuff! I kind of hate going to the art shop because I always end up buying so much more than I intend to :-/

I am LOVING iridescent paints at the moment. I got me some more – a GORGEOUS red and grean, a copper colour, and a lovely pearl black. Gold and silver paint pens (could have done with those for adding the lyric to the blackbird painting!).

Canvas sheets! And pearlescent watercolours – I am ssooo using those together! Plus some iridescent medium (which, in theory, should make ANY acrylic paint gain an iridescent sheen – we’ll see!) and gloss medium. Oh…and some super fine brushes – and just for contrast (and not yet pictured as it was BUCKETING when we got home so there were left in the car) some HUGE canvases! Five, in fact! They cost a grand total of £17, the canvases. I cannot WAIT to paint on them! 

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