Just Keep Pushing Them Out, Jim!

I really do love this Countdown episode so much – and I keep hoping, dreaming and praying that a clean copy of it will be repeated on Rage when they do the January Countdown repeats. I wished SSOO hard for it to be repeated while I was out there last year, but alas.

This part I’m particularly loving right now. Jim, in super smiley mode, and even a little waggle of his eyebrows to camera, and a nervous little scratch to the top of his head. Almost a little Stan Laurel (minus the crying – I think at times, Molly is making him want to pull his hair out in sheer boredom!).

This whole Humdrum thing makes me laugh so much! The thing that seems to make Jim giggle is Molly saying, “just keep pushing them out, Jim!” PLEASE TELL ME he is laughing at the most minor of unintentionally implied innuendo?! Straight after Molly says “I’d love to call you Jimmy but I’m not allowed to, though” – Molly has SSOO got the hots for him! LOL

I had to make gifs of it. Of the whole thing, and of Jim’s face. It’s so adorable!

And as he’s making his way Down Under some 35 years later, I just want to say…safe travels Sir, and all the rest of the Minds. Have a great time. Wish I was there! (Roll on May!)






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