One Day Left – Bricking It!

Anyone would think I am being asked to perform! Lol.

Nah. Just to have the gallus to show my face, is all…

I’d rather face a million assignments right now.

This was my earworm this morning…. (didn’t want to get out of bed)

“It’s Monday. You slither down the greasy pipe, so far, so good / no one saw you, hobble over any freeway / you will be like your dreams tonight”

These Are The Days I Hate…

The waiting.

Relief that my assignment has been submitted. But now the stomach-churning wait for a result.

Days before my first SM gig in over two years, knowing the tour is now already under way.


I am not virtuous.

Four days to go…

Aussie Ogling…

This arrived in the post today…of particular interest for this Aussie SM fan. I need to cast my professional ogling eye over it and see what’s what.

Some things I have seen before, others not. I am hoping for a surprise or two. We’ll see.

I hope there’ll be something good to share. It’s Kerrsday after all. Fingers crossed!

Kerrsday Thursday And Gig Countdown…

Got some prized memorabilia I want to share for Kerrsday Thursday. The pictures in this were available on Flickr for a time but the images inside are even better quality than I imagined – given it’s an amateur fanzine and the age of it now. I got it off eBay for under £5! Have been wanting a copy a good few years. So glad I finally got one.

I also got of copy of a Jackie magazine with His Kerrness as pin-up boy inside. And what a pin-up he is! DELICIOUS!

Lastly, we picked up a little battery operated light box for £1.50 yesterday and I have made it my Simple Minds gig countdown display!