Aussie Ogling…

This arrived in the post today…of particular interest for this Aussie SM fan. I need to cast my professional ogling eye over it and see what’s what.

Some things I have seen before, others not. I am hoping for a surprise or two. We’ll see.

I hope there’ll be something good to share. It’s Kerrsday after all. Fingers crossed!

Jim And George

I had a little three way convo today (if you could call it that) between Bruce Butler (whose involvement in the music industry I was BLINDLY IGNORANT OF at this point) and Harry Williams (who will probably, no doubt, turn out to be some award-winning music journalist/historian! KMN!) about Harry’s AMAZING review (of the A Day On The Green gig in Melbourne) having just one little bit of info…wrong. Bruce said the same (we saw different things) – both “errors” in the SM section of the review. Mine was proper pedantry…well, Bruce’s was too…so much so, I questioned his questioing of Harry…having NO IDEA who I was speaking to!!!!!

Of course, I then went looking at Bruce’s FB page, because as soon as I questioned HIS question and got the response I got (it was about Hunter And The Hunted and the keyboard bridge – trivial to the main reason for the post, per se), I had a hunch about something. I finished by case with him by saying “I bow to your superior knowledge Mr Butler”, and for fear I might have offended him (it was meant tongue-in-cheek and in jest – he was right after all!) I thought I better look to see who he is…who I was talking to. I NEARLY DIED! Lol. My reply to him felt SO RUDE! But I had GENUINELY NO IDEA! I wanted the ground to swallow me up…

In my perusal of his FB profile, I saw THIS!!! (Shared via Bruce’s page…it’s a public post, so I really hope it shows up, because it is a GEM!)

Jim, at Molly’s, “playing” (okay, he’s just holding it…but playing sounds funnier) with a Boy George doll! Wearing the shirt from the Up On The Catwalk video…but just when there is that little bit of “rock star” on show with that shirt – TRACKIE DACKS!!! I LOVE IT!!

What an awesome photo. And just the distraction from an otherwise tough old day.

You can read Harry’s awesome review HERE

Just Keep Pushing Them Out, Jim!

I really do love this Countdown episode so much – and I keep hoping, dreaming and praying that a clean copy of it will be repeated on Rage when they do the January Countdown repeats. I wished SSOO hard for it to be repeated while I was out there last year, but alas.

This part I’m particularly loving right now. Jim, in super smiley mode, and even a little waggle of his eyebrows to camera, and a nervous little scratch to the top of his head. Almost a little Stan Laurel (minus the crying – I think at times, Molly is making him want to pull his hair out in sheer boredom!).

This whole Humdrum thing makes me laugh so much! The thing that seems to make Jim giggle is Molly saying, “just keep pushing them out, Jim!” PLEASE TELL ME he is laughing at the most minor of unintentionally implied innuendo?! Straight after Molly says “I’d love to call you Jimmy but I’m not allowed to, though” – Molly has SSOO got the hots for him! LOL

I had to make gifs of it. Of the whole thing, and of Jim’s face. It’s so adorable!

And as he’s making his way Down Under some 35 years later, I just want to say…safe travels Sir, and all the rest of the Minds. Have a great time. Wish I was there! (Roll on May!)






Molly Meldrum’s prediction for Glittering Prize as it enters the Australian chart. Sadly – and rather disappointingly – it only reached Number Nine. But, hey, that’s a Top 10 hit! I’m sure the guys were happy to take it 🙂

Though he kind of got it right in the end, as the “Best of…” that was also titled Glittering Prize (81/92) *did* reach Number One in the Australian chart.


Jim tries to employ the power of the pyramid – but it still doesn’t save him from Molly. Lol.

Jim and Charlie on Oz music programme Countdown. They went back on??! I see Jim made sure Charlie sat between him and Molly this time! (Sexual tension…from Molly’s side only, of course!)

Jim even mentions the Love Song performance from back in the day. But didn’t mention the big yellow man-bag. Lol. Wish Molly had asked about it!