Kerrsday Thursday – Left Ear Special! 

If you happen to be a first time visitor to the blog, you may be unaware that I have a particular fetish liking for Sir Kerr’s left ear. When I had a Tumblr blog, I ran a secondary blog called “Jim Kerr’s Left Ear Appreciation Page”. It had a few followers. Lol. A few…around 15 at its height. It was a niche, yes! But I loved running it. I REALLY could just have a heap of fun with it.

I may just start it again, as a sub-domain, but in the meantime…as threatened promised a few weeks back, for this week Kerrsday Thursday is having a “left ear appreciation” special.

I hope you love his left ear as much as I do, and if you don’t…well this may sway you! Lol

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