Dublin Now Fully Booked! 

Booked my flight to Dublin for next June. Bloody hell Ryanair! You do like to make the whole process “fun”! But I got there in the end. 

It looks a rather innocuous place from the outside…but looks AMAZING inside. The way the seating plan looks, the circle and upper circle look asymmetrical to the stage.

I’m the stalls. Row E, seat 13. Five rows back and bang in the middle of the stalls. I can’t believe it! My friend, Gertie, told me there were gold AND platinum VIP tickets being sold – so to get a seat five rows back in the middle of the stalls for a standard stall ticket price is mind-blowing! 

I’ll have a few days in Dublin too. Time to explore and see some of the city and sights. I’m catching the lark’s flight out the day before the gig. I’ll leave Luton at 6.30am! My eyes will be hanging out my head! Lol. (I’ll barely have time to recover from the two back-to-back gigs at Brighton and Drury Lane!) And then I won’t be flying back home until Thursday night, leaving at 9.50pm. 

I’m so, so excited!! I’m excited by all the gigs, of course…but this one in particular. It’ll probably be the final gig of theirs I’ll see until 2018. I’ll get to meet Gertie and some of the other Irish SM fans…and maybe a few fans from elsewhere round the world, making special journeys over. And I have wanted to go to Dublin for most of my life. I have wanted to visit since I was about 14 years old…so it is going to be EXTRA special all round.

Outside street view.

My seat, as shown on the seating plan.

And the actual seat between the two yellow lines. OMG! What a view! I have so many good seats. It’s amazing! ROLL ON MAY! :-)))

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