Prip’s Minds Tour 2017

This kind of thing was starting to feel like a pipe dream. That I would get to pop around the UK, seeing my favourite band in the whole UNIVERSE play several gigs.

I feel very, very lucky and very, very happy.

FIVE GIGS! I could pinch myself!

The first being the pilgrimage to Glasgow. It’s a venue I’m unsure even the hometown bhoys have played. Minds are so synonymous with other Glasgow venues…Barrowlands, and in more recent times, the Hydro (I even walked by the Hyrdo on my recent trip to Glasgow and did wonder if I would get to see inside). The Royal Concert Hall has been around since 1990…so as far as I am aware, it’ll be a first for them too.

UPDATE: I have been reliably informed that the Minds have indeed played the RCH before, in 1995 during the “Good News” tour. Thank you to…you know who…for the info. 🙂

There’s a nine day break until the next gig at the London Palladium. Another new debut venue for me, and no doubt them too. 

Onwards then to Bristol and Colston Hall. Another first for me. Not so for SM. They’ve played there quite often, esp. in recent years. This one’s the VIP ticket! Second row, baby!

Another short break and then two gigs back to back! Brighton first, and then the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. I have wanted to go to Brighton Dome FOR YEARS, so I am VERY excited. Like Bristol, SM have played there several times in the past. The Theatre Royal on the other hand MUST be another debut venue for them. And could be for me. Not sure if I haven’t seen a play or musical there, at some point.

To end with two gigs in two nights is just…wonderful. It just couldn’t have panned out better.

In between Glasgow and the Palladium, I may just take a trip up to Birmingham to see the ladies that are going there.

I have never anticipated a spring so much! I love spring…it is my favourite season. Everything young and rejuvenating. Baby animals…beautiful flowers, green trees…warmer days. Songbirds in full voice. Beautiful!

I’m so happy, so excited and so, so grateful! 

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