Gig Review – Warm Digits + Comfort – The Lexington, Islington, August 25th, 2017

As usual, no matter how late I leave it to go to a gig, I always go far too early. Lol. I didn’t have TOO much time to kill last night, and the pub area of The Lexington is quite nice (complete with chandelier! A pub with a chandelier? That’s a bit posh!), so no real complaints. Just the one G&T for me. I am really not one for getting “tanked up” at gigs (esp. when travelling alone) – more on that later!

I went up to the venue upstairs early as the pub was filling up and well, I like to get familiar with my surroundings. Wow! What a tiny little venue! As soon as I saw the size of the place, I thought “Wow! This is going to be intimate!” Conservatively, I think the place could hold maybe 250 people. It’s really small. From the back wall you’re maybe only 5 or 6 metres from the stage. I mean…just…yeah.

The support act were a Glaswegian group called Comfort. I had spied the singer when I first arrived upstairs…not knowing they were the singer at the time…but they just…stood out when I saw them. There was a “star” vibe given off. My eyes kept being drawn to them before they were even on stage performing. And…they were GOOD. They kind of reminded me of Sleaford Mods, musically…but…harder. It’s a real wall of sound that hits you…just from two people. The singer, Natalie…was, incredible! So softly spoken between songs, but what an emotive voice! Wow! They really make you sit up and take notice! I really enjoyed them. You can check them out via Bandcamp.

On to the main act with Warm Digits…and WOW!!! From the get go they were awesome. Started off with the opening track from their new Wireless World album, Two To Four Degrees – and just from that alone I knew this gig was going to be amazing. As they continued on, it almost became a religious experience. I was in absolute raptures. I love this “Krautrock/Motorik” beat and drive they have so much. But it’s on another level with them. They make it their own. And their own…something extra to it! And I knew that if they could replicate the sound they make in the studio, live, they would be UTTERLY AMAZING! And they were!

With them were special guest vocalists, Peter Brewis from Field Music performing End Times, and Saint Etienne’s Sarah Cracknell performing Growth Of Raindrops. I was hoping my other favourite track on the album would get an airing, and I wasn’t disappointed, as Better Friction (though, sadly, vocalist Mia la Metta was not in attendance) was performed.

(I’m not one for having my phone out and filming gigs, but I just had to get a little short snippet of them as they were so bloody awesome! The audio on my phone doesn’t do them ANY justice.)

As the set continued, I was getting more and more absorbed in it. I found myself losing myself in it…absorbing it all…closing my eyes, being taken away to a different place…and then…

Joe turned up! Lol. God bless him, he was having just as much of the religious experience as I was feeling…but…he was JUST A LITTLE worse for wear. Which was fine…I don’t begrudge him he’s enjoyment…but it was getting a little worrying after a while. He invaded the stage…he got VERY close to drummer, Andy. He nearly fell onto his kit several times…and indeed actually ended up doing so. He stood behind Andy…took his sticks from him…started banging away on the drums. Andy picked up spare sticks… How Andy continued to keep drumming through it all, I will never know! Joe was eventually escorted off…but not before FULLY making his presence known. It really did turn it into a night NEVER to forget!

Afterwards, both Andy and Steve were manning their own merch stall. They are just the loveliest guys! So humble and so willing to talk. It was really lovely. I have NNOOO money to spare right now…but I had to buy something and have it signed by them. I asked Andy how long they’d be sticking round, so I could get out and get a bit of cash to come back and buy something.

Having done that, as I made my way back upstairs to the stall, the guy at the venue door was coming down. He had a poster in his hand, “would you like this poster?” he says to me. “Yes please!!!”, I say and so I had myself a gig poster. Steve and Andy signed it as well as the copy of their first album which I bought then…and they were kind enough to throw in a copy of their vinyl recording of their Late Junction session with Field Music for the BBC back in 2012.

I did at one point “talk shop” a little bit with Steve. Told him I’m a massive Simple Minds fan. He said to me, “Yeah, we’re getting into their early stuff…we listened to that album, the one ‘I Travel’ is on”. I went all uber fangirl and said “Empires And Dance”. “You must also listen to Sons And Fascination/ Sister Feelings Call…oh and Real To Real Cacophony. They had that Kraurock influence in the early days.” I’m SUCH a fangirl! Lol.

It was just…the most amazing night. Thank you Steve and Andy for being such a powerhouse! And such wonderful guys. I will DEFINITELY be seeing you guys again when you come back to London in November.

You guys are THE BOMB!

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