It’s A Magic Number…

I feel very, very lucky! I have three gigs booked for next year. Three SIMPLE MINDS gigs, that is! I’ll also be seeing The Stranglers in March, and Holy Holy in April. I don’t think I’ve been to so many gigs in my life!

My Minds gigs are in lovely stages. First, I go back to Glasgow. I’m up in the rafters on the side…but at least I’ll be there! I’ll be in Block E – Row A, seat 12. It looks a bit side on, but should be great. I’m excited to be returning to Glasgow…and later in the spring! I may actually get to experience Scotland when it’s warm!! Lol. We shall see!

Second gig, we move on to London and the Palladium. A theatre STEEPED in history. I’ve never been there before and I am DEAD excited. I’m down in the stalls this time. Mid way back – Row M, seat 23. Absolutely bang in the middle of the stalls, dead centre stage. Should be a fabulous view.

Finally on to Bristol and Colston Hall. Never been there either. Only ever been to the Hippodrome in Bristol. Now, Colston Hall is going to be VERY special as I got myself a VIP ticket. Below is what a VIP ticket gives you. I am in Row B, seat 19 for that one. Just to the left of centre, looking at the stage. Vey happy with that seat, thank you!

So, yes. I am feeling very, very lucky and happy about these three gigs. Roll on May! Will need to start a new countdown! Might have as a weekly one initially…each Thursday, seeing as the Glasgow gig is on a (Kerrsday) Thursday.

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