Pimp My Sir. Lol

Tried working on perspectives today. Tried to do a whole A3 sized image today. Over ambitious, really. Jim’s face itself is fairly good, I think. Tried a picture with him open lipped today. The teeth are…as with the mouth…something I need to work on! Noses are getting better. Definitely learning “less is more” when it comes to noses.

Body is out of proportion. Position of shoulders not right, and just a little large. Arms are ok-ish. His left arm is quite good (his arms are REALLY lean in this. Ooh, I do love a slim Jim! *shallow*). I SSOOO gave up on the hands! His hands are clasped together in the most akward “steeple and church” manner!

And the detail on the shirt is ssssooo not in proportion. Maybe it’s time consider going to an art class? Not sure. I don’t know just how much of this I can teach myself. To end up fantastic and be wholy self-taught would be awesome. But, we’ll see.

My confidence takes less and less of a battering now. It is what it is and it’s all a learning curve. And some days are better than others. 

I won’t be beaten. I won’t give in. I’ll keep shooting for the moon! 

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