Time To Cry (And Rob A Bank!)

Full details of gigs at Simple Minds web site

Could have gone over to Adelaide for the McLaren Vale gig. Have NEVER been to the Hordern Pavilion for a gig :-(( And I probably could have gone to the Hunter Valley too – if it had all been THIS YEAR! But, there you go :-/

I’ll miss it all in terms of just knowing I could have been out there again for mum, family…Janis, Jim and their kids…Steven, Kristen and Jessica. Steven probs would have gone to the gigs to chaperone me…and keep Jim safe! Lol

BUT, I’ll just have to think of the positives! Mum is finally safe and living out at Cheryl’s and is only just a few months since I last saw her. All my mates are safe and well and some of them will have a ball seeing Minds again.

Lastly…I will have SSOOO many more opportunities to see them during the UK leg of the tour. And if it is anything like the 2015 Big Music tour, I’ll ensure I go to several dates this time.

The timing of it sucks massive hairy fucking balls…BUT…better the oppotunity to (potentially) see TEN gigs than three of them.

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