The Curious Case Of The Deleted YouTube Channel…

Tonight there appeared a YouTube channel called “Simple Minds Rare and Demo’s”[sic]

It seemingly had several songs on it. I got to hear one. An outtake demo from the Street Fighting Years album called People Stand Up Again. 

I would have dearly loved to have seen and/or heard what else was on offer…but alas, I was not quick enough! I only just got to hear the one track I did before the whole channel was removed.

My theory is (and I could be wrong) that it was an official thing accidentally made public. And instead of turning the songs private, they just pulled the whole channel. 

But equally, it could have been an unofficial thing…but, if so, it was VERY quick to have been pulled.

Jim mentioned things in the “vaults” in a post last week. Odd he should discuss such a thing…then this YT channel shows up, only to be removed a few hours later. 


6 thoughts on “The Curious Case Of The Deleted YouTube Channel…

  1. 6 hrs. That was about the time the channel was available to the public. As you, I also only heard the SFY demo, but I saw that the channel also had two Big Music demos; “Harmonise” and “Sponsored By Destruction”. A friend heard them though, and he said they were slow, synth-heavy tracks.

    • Would have liked to have heard them all the same. Ah well. Maybe they’ll crop up again elsewhere? Perhaps why it was shut down then? If it wasn’t SM themselves – those Big Music tracks could have been being worked on for the upcoming release.

      • Indeed, who was behind the leak? The mind boggles. Judging by the spelling error, it was probably unofficial.

        • I wouldn’t always bet on that one in all honesty. But assuming from the channel disappearing like that, likely so. If the band wanted to share them, surely they would get some kind of official airing? It’s only a matter of time, one suspects, when SFY gets the box set treatment.

          • Hm the mp3s are already circulating. The waveform of PSUA indicates that the track has been remastered; peak clipping So yes, it could look like a recent production treatment. I talked to Simon Cornwell, and he hasn’t heard this demo version before, he suggested that its a finalized version from the Bonnie Wee studio. What a scoop.

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