Highlight Of The WBW Tour?

Well, Jim may not be able to single out any particular highlight…and I have a few…but THIS topped it. When this started at Barrowland (sadly, there is no Barras footage…this is from the Roundhouse)…the emotions I had! Ecstasy, joy, wonderment…blended with this sheer…I dunno! Oh, I just wanted to drop to the floor and just weep like a baby. I just couldn’t believe it was happening…that they were playing it…and I was HEARING IT. And, at Barras (I mean, they played it every night subsequently…but I was thinking at Barras it was just a one-off special thing). I was in raptures! Not to detract the significance of hearing all eight new songs from the Walk Between Worlds album…I mean, we obviously knew they were coming…but This Earth That You Walk Upon was a complete surprise to me…and what a surprise it was 🙂 Beautiful!

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