Jim Kerr – Alive And Kicking KX 93.5, Laguna Beach, CA – Show 6 (final!)

Well, here we are at the final of the six shows Jim has done for KX 93.5. Excuse me while I shed a genuine tear :,( 

And, so…here goes…

Patti Smith – Redondo Beach…Patti Smith does reggae? Well, it sounds very reggae to me! I’ve always loved what I’ve heard of hers, but never given her enough of my time. This track is awesome though. She’s great!

I love the passion he speaks with. Just such, such a fan of music. It just oozes out of him. Love it!

Moby – Natural Blues…I played “Play” SSSOO much. Really was just the music I was into at the end of the 90s/early 00s. I was really into dance music then…him, Fatboy Slim…lots of Chillout stuff. It was my “thang” then.

Alanis Morrisette – Hand In My Pocket…yep. “I’m brave but I’m chicken shit” – always thought that line summed me up well! Jagged Little Pill got played to death as well. And if you’ve never seen it, you MUST look up Ed Byrne’s routine on Ironic. It’s hilarious!

The Pretenders – Middle Of The Road… “The Wild Cat”! Lol. Man, he still loves her so much 🙂 Maybe I need to steal her balls? Lol. I wish! The talk about the harmonica was interesting. And I must admit that I, like him, do associate more with American music. But the harmonica plays an important role in my favourite David Bowie track, A New Career In A New Town. An amazing blend of synths, drums and harmonica goes on in that song (instrumental). And there is harmonica on the final track of Blackstar, I Can’t Give Everything Away…which sounds so reminiscent OF ANCIANT, that Iwas crying when I first heard the track. And that was BEFORE David died 🙁

Diana Ross and The Supremes – Reflections…mum had a Supremes album. Always played it for Baby Love. I think it had Stop In The Name Of Love on it too. Sooo long ago now, can’t remember well. But I loved listening to it.

The Velvet Underground and Nico – I’ll Be Your Mirror…I know it’ll seem like I’m just bullshitting now and being an UBER swot (I do have that badge!)…but I HAD the album. Getting into Bowie…loving modern art and Warhol…it all just links up, so I had it. And I love Nico. Femme Fatale has always been my fave. Always adored they way she phrased the those “down/frown/clown” lines. “No one’s ever said that to me” he said when relaying the story of Nico’s first meeting with Lou Reed in which she said the title of the song. I’ll gladly be yours, Jim. I suppose I kind of have been, in a way…reflecting back all those awesome lyrics you have written in my art. I’d like to think of it that way, anyway.

Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes…had it on a compilation album of hits of … 1981, I think. I say it was *MY* compilation. Lol. It was my sister Cheryl’s. All my brothers’ records were mine too! As a kid, I kinda hated having older siblings because they were all grown up (esp. my brothers – the gap is smaller between Cheryl and I, at 6 years)…doing their own thing and I was the kid that dragged them down (what a clarn!). The spoilt kid that got everything. But…it was awesome on reflection. There was so much good to it. A bit of bad…but lots of good.

Big Mama Thornton – Hound Dog…wow!! What a voice! Thought it was a man. I bloody love that when that happens. I was there, impatiently waiting for him to tell me who it was. He was saying about Elvis, and how many times Hound Dog had been covered. I was almost shouting, “TELL ME WHO IT IS!!” Lol. Then when he said “that was Big Mama Thornton”, I was like…”Did he just say Big Mama Thornton? Like, as in, a woman!?” Yes…that was this show’s curveball for me! I remember the first time I heard Tracy Chapman. Thought she was a guy too. Actually remember thinking she sounded like John Denver! Lol. What the hell??! God I loooved her album.

Enya – Orinoco Flow…erm…surely she had her time in Clannad first, Jim? She was involved in Clannad in the early days…I’m sure. But I suppose few knew her for that.

The B52s – Give Me Back My Man…wasn’t quite so familiar with this one, but…just…ROCK LOBSTER! And Private Idaho. And Love Shack, among others. Have always loved them. Have always loved Fred’s “sprechgesang” style of performing.

The Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood…was shouting out to Em downstairs going “He’s playing The Tom Tom Club!” Lol. It would still be so awesome to hang out with him, playing music. I wish we had a half-decent house. I would sssooo invite him round for a vinyl day :-)) As if he’d come! Lol. Maybe one day, if he’s ever flying through Luton. A girl can keep dreaming, right?

Donna Summer – I Feel Love…going out with a bang, dear sir. A very SEXY bang! What a way to go out!

Oh, they have been wonderful. YOU have been wonderful, fine sir! The passion you exude for your “line of work”…your enthusiasm, is contagious. I do hope you have more chances to do it again. The Minds schedule is going to be SO hectic soon. Oh, such a bind. I’d love for you to have time on your hands to do this…but would I swap it for the chance of seeing several Minds gigs?? Probably not! In fact…NO WAY! I NEED MORE GIGS!!

Thank you so much for all the ones you have done, Jim. It’s been fabulous!


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