New Book Release by Sheila Rock

I had discussions about this with Malcolm Garrett as he said he was feeling a little nervous and overwhelmed to be asked to contribute to it (I think it might be this particular release anyway).

He at least spoke to me about Sheila bringing out a book and I am guessing this may be the one – due out in autumn. In this post a few days back on Instagram, she says that Jim has been involved with it too, obviously in turn making it that more exciting for yours truly. Especially if there are more photos from this session inside the book. OMG! I made a whole poetry thing with this “Jimmy Jesus” photo of Sheila’s. Lol. It’s still on my bedroom wall (the photo with the poetry). It has my favourite line of poetry I have ever written ending it…

“I find you intoxicating, and will be happy, spending all the rest of my days, drinking you in from afar” – I know! Lol. Hardly Wordsworth, Shelley or Keats…but I like it. And this was the image that inspired it. That jacket. Those troosers. Them boots! (You can’t see them in this image but trust me, he’s wearing them!)

Thank you so very much, Sheila Rock. Looking forward to this book.

P.S. If you follow me on Facebook you’ll also be familiar with another Sheila Rock image of Jim from this same session that I use for my frequent “18:18 – Timecheck” posts. 😁😁❤️

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