Moans, Pleads and Pipe Dreams…

It’s all I’m seeing on the SM groups! People moaning about having to wear a mask at the Scotland gigs – YES! Wear a fucking mask, you germ-ladened cunt! Jesus Christ! You’d get a tattoo for this band. Suffer the pain of getting ink embedded into your dermis but…oh, you’re “inconvenienced” by wearing a mask for a few hours? You’re going to “boycott” going because it “contravenes your civil liberties”? Oh, just listen to yourself!! You know what? Don’t come! Stay the fuck away. Stay the hell out and good fucking riddance to you.


“Can we have Derek, Mel, Mick….” OMG!!! STOP THE FUCKING PLEADING WHINING!! Fuck-a-rama!!!

I’m just ssoooo tired of how much this endless crap disrespects Ged and Cherisse, and Berenice too. How many of you that wished Ged birthday salutations the other day are there pleading “please, please, pleeeeease can we have Derek?” THAT. SHIP. HAS. SAILED!

And for you flat-Earthers out there…it’s stuck on the bottom left edge because, you know, ships don’t CIRCUMNAVIGATE THE WORLD….

I have some pipe dreams, but geez. You know, Mick doesn’t even WANT to be involved. I don’t know how many more times this has to be drummed into your thick fucking skulls but CAN YOU JUST GET THE MESSAGE?! OH MY GOD!!

Anyway…rant over. I’m done. (This is why I am never around on the SM groups anymore.)

The band I love hit the stage tomorrow night and I can’t wait to see them next week in Aberdeen. Whatever it takes. A mask? Pffft! Fuck, I’ve been going to shit on and off for the past six months wearing masks and taking precautions and I am happy to continue to do that. If it ensures the band are safe and they can perform. Anything.


Act. Of. Love! ❤️

4 thoughts on “Moans, Pleads and Pipe Dreams…

  1. That’s the thing ,Killing Joke and Horse are playing up here as well.I wouldn’t even consider myself a Beatles fan but the reviews of the tribute band in that wee ‘iconic’ venue sound tempting.
    Fuck knows. 😂 The Horse gig is seated as well and I hate that shit. ( so fussy) 😂

  2. I’d wager most folk won’t wear a mask at the gigs anyway. After a few pints most folk simply won’t give a fuck and I can’t see security enforcing it. Anyways Larelle, I have a musical dilemma, Im going to Liverpool on Friday( mainly to see the football on Saturday afternoon but I have decided to go and see a gig on the Friday night. My dilemma is I have too much choice. Do I go and see Horse ( Scottish band whom I love and are playing The Same Sky album which I have very nostalgic memories of) The Cavern Beatles who play a residency at The Cavern Club, or Killing Joke who I have been listening to recently?
    (btw I’d recommend “The Same Sky’ album if you don’t already know it. Bloody ace it is.)

    • You’re probably right. I mean it says “wear at all times unless drinking, eating or dancing” – so….
      Anyways….hmmm, the dilemma. I’d say it’s between Horse and Killing Joke. Jaz still seems like he gives off an amazing performance. Horse – would you get to see them again in Scotland some time in the future? Killing Joke – what future opportunities will you have to see them? These are the pros and cons I’d weigh up. Whichever you decide, I’m sure it’ll be braw. Have fun, Scobes. 😊👍🏻

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