Moans, Pleads and Pipe Dreams…

It’s all I’m seeing on the SM groups! People moaning about having to wear a mask at the Scotland gigs – YES! Wear a fucking mask, you germ-ladened cunt! Jesus Christ! You’d get a tattoo for this band. Suffer the pain of getting ink embedded into your dermis but…oh, you’re “inconvenienced” by wearing a mask for a few hours? You’re going to “boycott” going because it “contravenes your civil liberties”? Oh, just listen to yourself!! You know what? Don’t come! Stay the fuck away. Stay the hell out and good fucking riddance to you.


“Can we have Derek, Mel, Mick….” OMG!!! STOP THE FUCKING PLEADING WHINING!! Fuck-a-rama!!!

I’m just ssoooo tired of how much this endless crap disrespects Ged and Cherisse, and Berenice too. How many of you that wished Ged birthday salutations the other day are there pleading “please, please, pleeeeease can we have Derek?” THAT. SHIP. HAS. SAILED!

And for you flat-Earthers out there…it’s stuck on the bottom left edge because, you know, ships don’t CIRCUMNAVIGATE THE WORLD….

I have some pipe dreams, but geez. You know, Mick doesn’t even WANT to be involved. I don’t know how many more times this has to be drummed into your thick fucking skulls but CAN YOU JUST GET THE MESSAGE?! OH MY GOD!!

Anyway…rant over. I’m done. (This is why I am never around on the SM groups anymore.)

The band I love hit the stage tomorrow night and I can’t wait to see them next week in Aberdeen. Whatever it takes. A mask? Pffft! Fuck, I’ve been going to shit on and off for the past six months wearing masks and taking precautions and I am happy to continue to do that. If it ensures the band are safe and they can perform. Anything.


Act. Of. Love! ❤️

Anxiety Ascending

Assignment week. I don’t like it! I have absolutely NO CONFIDENCE whatsoever!

The assignment is in two parts. Both parts require a 600 word essay. I’ve written about 550 words of part one, with no real belief that I am doing what is required of me AT ALL. And for part two I have a miserly 100 words written.

I have until midday on March 1st to hand my assignment in, but I’d like to hand it in before that. The structure of the course is that assignment deadlines run into the first week of the next block of study. That would muddy the water for me. Trying to focus on writing out two essays on two different subjects, whilst simultaneously beginning to study the first subject in the next block, which is Mozart. The study week for Mozart looks very intensive. This week on is requiring more hours of study time than any of the other subjects towards our second TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment). So I would really like to get the first TMA completed first before moving on to Mozart.

I’m hoping I will have the assignment submitted by Sunday at the very latest, as I am also thinking that the earlier I submit the assignment, the sooner I will get my mark and the VITAL feedback it will give me.

Here’s the crux of it. Yesterday was awful. It was great in one respect! Hearing and seeing Simple Minds for the first time in…well, in an online performance sense, since December, 2020 – when Jim, Charlie and Cherisse did the performance for the Nordoff Robbins Christmas thingy. But that wasn’t a true live performance anyway. Not like yesterday. So, let’s say two years! Very nearly an entire two years anyway. Last time I saw them live was March 9th, 2020…not that I’m counting days or anything. And all that stuff…all the “Jim hates my guts” shit instantly returned. Them doing Alive And Kicking and me thinking of “Ba na na na” and pointing at my shirt and Jim looking at me like I am the biggest fucking idiot put on this earth. And then in two weeks putting myself in front of him. I want to boak just thinking about it! It means far too much to me. Far too much.

But I pushed that all aside for study yesterday. Hours of pouring over study notes and looking at the assignment and going through the guide notes and referring to the module.

And just as I am writing this out – and having posted that we were 13 days away from Paris…UNLUCKY FOR SOME…the European leg of the 40 Years Of Hits tour has been rescheduled and now Paris is on May 6th. Bugger and damnation!! Fuck, fuck, fuckety fuuuuuck!

Oh, well…

And this morning I had a dream….nightmare…of a MASSIVE five inch in diameter spider was crawling around the top of my head. I don’t know what the fuck that was representing but it scared the fuck out of me. I had to stay calm and still and not let the spider get stressed so it could be slowly coaxed from off my head.

Metaphors, eh?

I’ve lost my train of thought with this post, and it hardly matters. Best crack on with whatever the hell I can do with this. I might come back later and edit or expand here. We’ll see…

Hear You Next Tuesday!

Okay, that makes the acronym of ‘HUNT’ – but hey, it’s Friday and I am in a jovial mood!

The Minds will be performing exclusively for Radio 2 as part of the “Piano Room” sessions at Maida Vale studios in London. That’s bloody exciting within itself! (I will share the link to BBC Sounds after broadcast.)

Also, yesterday, Cherisse mentioned on her social media that she’d be here in Glasgow over the weekend doing rehearsals. Yay! And GG (Olivier Gerard – sound engineer) shared a photo of the plane he had arrived on landing at Glasgow Airport last night. It’s all stepping up a level! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Finally, on a personal note, I am ecstatic to have been able to get a swap of my meet and greet from the Bordeaux gig (which we now cannot attend) to the Paris gig. And I am PRAYING also that it means those meet and greets WILL go ahead. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

I had been reading on Gary Numan’s FB page of how he was going to be conducting his meet and greets and have been praying that SM’s M&Gs will take a similar line – ensuring you have your vaccines and booster(s), making sure you’ve taken a negative LF test prior to arriving, wearing a mask, maintaining a social distance from the band – all fair enough under current circumstances. Okay, It means no (snogging…ahem) hugging…but hey ho. A few precious minutes with them in a room, albeit socially distanced, is worth it as far as I am concerned. I’d have not been in a room with them for TWO years so…I will be more than happy with that. Jim will probably be VERY thankful for the physical distance! Lol. And at least my mask will hide all the shame and embarrassment that would otherwise be visible on my face.

It’s getting exciting, but kind of scary too. I’m still worried about all the logistics of the travel to Paris. Still. And I’ve not been on a plane for two years, either. Last flight I was on was our massively delayed flight from Copenhagen back to Edinburgh.

Anyway, I am waffling with nervous anticipation of just how close it is all getting! Before I let myself run away with all that though, I have my first uni assignment to hand in! Still cannae believe I’m a uni student and I am about to hand in an assignment!! Fuuuuuck!

Exciting days to come!

Belated Birthday Swings And Roundabouts

Beauty and the Beast was fab. As was the Sunday birthday lunch. Weather was iffy but…meh. It’s Scotland. What are ya gonna do?

Yesterday was the belated added bonus of my Warm Digits boys being on the radio doing a live session on BBC Radio 6 Music on Marc Riley’s show.

They played The View From Nowhere, Feel The Panic and Replication. Replication sounded particularly fantastic. It is clearly going to be a live favourite for me. I remember particularly enjoying that when seeing them support Polica back in Feb. 2020 at St Lukes.

Just before the show was under way, I had an email from Eventim, the ticket agent I bought my tickets for their upcoming Glasgow gig with. The email was informing me that their Glasgow gig is cancelled. Oh, damn!

And yes, it is true. Sadly it is cancelled. But I will get to see them in Edinburgh at the Stag and Dagger in just under two weeks time, so that’s some compensation. Might have to see if I can get to Manchester as well. I have a ticket for their gig at The Cluny in Newcastle, but that’s near Christmas. But I’ll hope that the weather and travel is okay and that I can actually get there too. The Cluny is a fab venue.

In the meantime, here’s a link to BBC Sounds and the Marc Riley show from last night. He played a great blend of music. I recommend listening to the whole show. It was very entertaining.

Return To Oz Is Off

Sadly inevitable. Too much uncertainty around. And, for me, this tour was off last year – even though it had initially been rescheduled for the end of this year. I wasn’t going to be travelling there. And I had resigned myself to the fate of money squandered. I didn’t like my chances of selling my tickets on. So on a personal note, I am thankful for the tour cancellation because I know I will get refunds on my tickets now. I am grateful not to be resigned to swallowing up another loss of funds. Small mercies.

I feel for my friends there. Australia is a loooong way and not everyone can just get on a plane and travel to the other side of the world to see the band they love. A few Aussie fans have been fortunate to do that, but there are some who would never have those funds or opportunities. My heart really does go out to those guys.

I hope Simple Minds will make it back out there again sooner rather than later. In the meantime – don’t be disappointed with the band, or their management, or the promoters. They have done all they can to try and get these things to go ahead. They are losing their livelihoods and the live music scene around the world is on its knees! I know Jim and Charlie and the rest of the band will be as disappointed and disheartened as the fans.

It’s this bloody pandemic. It’s Coronavirus, Covid-19…whatever you want to call this absolute cockwomble of a thing! And government ineptitude by and large. You know, the whole world. EVERY COUNTRY could have done with the leadership of New Zealand. Every country could have done with a Jacinda Ardern as their leader. Had every country stayed locked like NZ did, then maybe just MAYBE we’d not be in the state we’re in right now the world over. But we’ll never really know.

I hope you are all staying safe and well.

Briefly In Other News…

Someone dropped THIS bombshell this morning as I was preparing my punk themed post…

You guys know where to get all the info from. You don’t need me to update you. This blog would be surplus to requirements if its purpose was to report Simple Minds news! Lol.

The band have that one covered on their social media. Anyways!

Well, wherever he and Charlie may be…it’s bearing fruit.

There they are, offering that “black light” to us. In the heart of darkness, they shine!