My Week So Far

Sunday – study good, but slightly doubtful.

Monday – study better, buoyant and full of optimism.

Tuesday – study free day. Went for a walk. Felt good. Attempted break-in of our home in the afternoon shook me up badly. Online uni tutorial last night was nerve-wracking but ended positively.

Wednesday – after effects of attempted break-in brought me down. Tutor room student quiz exercise and information “scavenger hunt” has me left me full of self-doubt and very low.

The week started out so well.

2 thoughts on “My Week So Far

  1. Hope you get over this soon and try not to dwell on it as it probably won’t happen again. I know that’s easier said than done. Sending positive and uplifting vibes your way . Listen to sons and fascination sister feelings call and distract yourself.

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