Minds Music Monday – Chelsea Girl OGWT

Early days of 2022. Early days of Simple Minds. One of the very first Kerr/Burchill compositions. The bane of my amateur drumming life. My hi hat playing sucks ass. I have no rhythm. I found Glittering Prize easier to play along to than this. I doff my cap to you, Mr McGee.

I’m now under the impression that Jim’s haircut at this point was a stroke of genius – even if it did end up in later years having him likened to Edmund Blackadder in the first series of the show. Lol. The proof of its genius is that we are here some 43 years later still discussing it. Kudos, Kerrmeister. Kudos!

Got to admire that gorgeous lullaby keywork from Mick on this as well. And Charlie with full-on rock two chord riff.

I always forget to praise Derek. Sorry, Dan. Lol. I think possibly because you are actually the most ubiquitous of all.

Happy New Year, Minds Music Monday-ers.

3 thoughts on “Minds Music Monday – Chelsea Girl OGWT

  1. Oh, you play drums. That’s great! I think you shouldn’t be so self-critical. As for me, practice and practice and then once more practice makes perfect.😉 By the way, I love drums on the ‘Glittering Prize’ – they are so lush, especially in a live performance from the ‘New Gold Dream’ tour. And what about Brian, I agree, he is a wonderful drummer. Also he is good at backing vocals.

    Always enjoy your thoughts about Simple Minds and in particular about Jim. 🤗

    • I play drums very badly. I took a few lessons with Cherisse – about 6 or 8 in total. Not too many, but enough to know I was never going to set the drumming world on fire, and enough to know how to play a basic beat with fills competently enough. Brian is fantastic. And his BVs were good too. Simple Minds have been blessed with a fine array of drummers.
      I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the blog. Thank you for the support. ❤️😊

      • ‘I took a few lessons with Cherisse’ – it’s wonderful that you had an opportunity to be so close to Simple Minds. 😃

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