See The Heights!

I had heard about the infamous Glasgow Apollo stage and its height. Some people had accused others of making the stage sound higher than it was. I had always been intrigued to see it and get some idea with my own eyes. I had never seen a photo of it – until today!

OMG! I don’t think many people were exaggerating about its height! It has be be at least 10 feet tall. Maybe 12 feet. Geez Louis! I’d have NEVER seen Jim standing at the front there!

Even the first few rows of seats wouldn’t really see that much. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted a front row seat there! I can see why people stood on the chairs in there now!

Anyway, the photo was originally posted by the Glasgow Chronicles FB page. Just wanted to share the image here.

3 thoughts on “See The Heights!

  1. Wow that stage is very high. I know that I would not even try to stand on the seat. But I am sure the sound would be great…. Would love to be able to go….

  2. Seen Adam and the Ants in there with my mum . 1981 and Madness in 1982 not with my mum . I was 12 at the madness gig . The stage was massive. At that age I only just heard of Simple Minds. They were on Top of the Pops in 1982 . In 81 I never even knew they existed. They played in the Apollo in 1981 but there doesn’t seem to be a live recording out there 🙁

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