“Grace” Does Love Song

I am embarrassed to fuck by this! And I will absolutely CRINGE at the thought of anyone listening to it (Scott – don’t you get ANY ideas of doing ANYTHING with this!) – but, it was fun also.

Let me explain it.

I started working on compiling my post for Love Song for Minds Music Monday. There’s no way it’ll be ready in time for tomorrow – it’ll be posted next Monday. But starting my research unearthed an interesting thread to take about the song’s early development. All will be revealed next week.

But in the meantime it had me thinking about how Love Song would have sounded had Grace Jones covered it. Furthermore it begs the question as to WHY Grace has never covered a Simple Minds song?!

Why Grace, why?

Well, here’s my INCREDIBLY EMBARRASSING attempt at vocalising what (only a bit – there was NO WAY I was going to do the whole song like that!) a Grace Jones voiced Love Song might have sounded like.

BE KIND! (Because I know I won’t be to myself.)

(Imagine it over a musical accompaniment akin to “I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango)” – except I would NO WAY be able to do the French stuff!)

3 thoughts on ““Grace” Does Love Song

  1. I actually like that . Very interesting. Your voice is magic . I was trying to imagine how different the music might sound alongside a Grace Jones style vocal. Has potential. 👍

    • Oh, now you’re scaring me! Give me your WORD you won’t do ANYTHING with it! I’m serious! You’re making me paranoid now! I can’t believe I’ve actually left it up there that long!
      How do people sing in front of people? Like…standing in front of them?! I feel gut-wrenched enough knowing there are people listening to this recording! (I keep telling myself that I did it for fun and it’s fine…leave it there.) Grace would be insulted by what I’ve done, I’m sure. I’d get the Russell Harty treatment! (Deservedly so.)

      • I won’t . I’m away to bloody London just now for couple of weeks so.,,, it will have to wait until Im back . 😉

        ( I won’t)

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